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Toby Keith
All Photos by Tammie Arroyo and Curtis Hilbun/

In a world where music feeds our souls and unites people from all walks of life, there exists a particular genre that resonates with a sense of timeless patriotism and unwavering loyalty to one's roots. This genre, known as country music, has produced countless icons, but none quite as influential as Toby Keith. With a heart full of pride and an unwavering love for his country, Toby Keith's music became the soundtrack of an entire nation. Yet, fate dealt a cruel blow as it revealed Toby's battle with cancer. Yesterday, Toby lost his three-year battle with stomach cancer and passed away surrounded by loved ones.

Toby Keith was not just another musician; he embodied the spirit of America, his rugged voice echoing through stadiums, concerts, and campsites. From humble beginnings in Oklahoma, he encapsulated the essence of the American dream, resiliently working his way to the top of the music charts. Toby's songs were filled with stories of the average American, the patriot, and the hardworking individual who loved their country unconditionally.

As news of Toby's cancer diagnosis spread, country music fans across the nation felt a collective ache. Suddenly, the lyrics Toby sang seemed even more poignant, resonating deeper within our hearts. His songs had always embraced the values of love, family, and devotion to one's principles, but now they held an even greater significance. We clung to his timeless melodies, finding solace and hope in his music, knowing that his legacy would continue to uplift and inspire.

Though battling cancer was an arduous journey, Toby Keith's spirit never wavered. He approached his illness, as he did his career, with determination and an unbreakable spirit. His resilience and unwavering faith became a beacon of hope, not just for his fans but for people worldwide. Through the darkest of nights, Toby held on to the unwritten promise that music had made to him, to his nation, and to himself.

As a true patriot, Toby Keith embodied values deeply rooted in the conservative fabric of America. His heartfelt songs championed faith, family, and freedom. With an unwavering belief in the power of personal responsibility, Toby inspired his audience to embrace their roots and honor their heritage. He served as a reminder that unity, respect, and love for one's nation transcended political boundaries. RIP Toby Keith!!!

Toby Keith

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On what would have been the beloved performer's 78th birthday, it seemed appropriate to share this video from The Judds show in Las Vegas from October 2015. Naomi Judd was half of the best-selling duo The Judds. She tragically passed away last year from suicide. We can only hope she has found her peace. We are sending her, all her friends and family our well wishes on her special day.

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They are not kidding here with the name, Gibson Garage. This store has everything a guitar player could want. The selection of guitars is insane.

When you first walk in, the first thing you notice is ‘The Rack.’ The Rack is a conveyor of flying guitars sorted by colour. It is a beautiful piece of moving art. Multiple colors and styles. What I love watching these beautiful creations fly by, you can not tell if they are brand new of 40 years old. Their look is a true classic.

There is plenty to browse, they have a 'room' dedicated to all of their brands. An Acoustic room, Epiphone, Kramer, Mesa Boogie room, a Custom Shop, and a repair shop. There is a great selection of merchandise, other than guitars. You can purchase, hats, t-shirts, retro Gibson clocks, patches, stickers, etc.

Everyone I encountered was incredibly kind, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Even the security guy.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned player, you can take a guitar and play it privately through headphones. Maybe you want to try something you've only dreamt about playing, here you have the opportunity. There is no judgment, no pressure to buy. These folks just love music, playing and talking about it.

I learned more in talking to Dylan in an hour than I have ever learned walking into any guitar shop. It didn’t matter to him that I am a beginner and don’t know very much. He answered all of my questions with enthusiasm and never made me feel intimidated. Also, he knew I wasn’t going to buy anything today but was still so accommodating. He was excited to show me things and let me play any guitar. What I didn’t know, all of the guitars on the rack are for sale. He had them pull one down just so I could try it to compare with another model. It was so cool. I was made to feel special. That is a rarity these days.

If you play or are just a fan, check it out, it is definitely worth a bit of time (as much time as you want).

Rumor has it that the Gibson Factory will begin doing tours (hopefully by the end of 2023).


209 10th S, Suite 209, Nashville, TN

Inside the Cummins Station building in downtown Nashville, they’re just a short walk from the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Frist Art Museum, and dozens of fine hotels, restaurants, and other attractions.


Mon-Sat 11-6 Sun 12-6


(615) 933-6000

Gibson Garage Nashville signage

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